Reasons Why Your Shoppers Think They No Longer Need a Shopping Cart

You have started your online store and attracting a lot of shoppers. However, a significant number of them do not make it past the checkout since they abandon their shopping carts. You wonder what the problem may be. While some of them may have never intended to purchase anything in the first place, some may have changed their minds during their shopping experience.

What runs through the minds of your shoppers when they think ‘we do not need a shopping cart’ and abandon their cart? Here are some of the things that make online shoppers rethink their online shopping decisions;

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Numerous and unnecessary steps during checkout

The solution to this problem is to minimize the information needed ruthlessly. You could always gather the information after the purchase. Think of an offline shopping experience where you are at a grocery store and just when you hand the cashier your card to swipe, and they give you a clipboard to fill out. Filling out a few questions is not the problem, but a whole lot of them start to become irritating.

Poorly communicated shipping options

The solution here is to be upfront with your clients about your shipping times. Go out of your way to be as transparent as possible, especially during peak holidays. Properly set your customers’ expectations and they will appreciate your honesty.

Asking for verification of email accounts before payment acceptance

With this problem, you need to have different payment processes for new users and returning users. Email inboxes can be very distracting. Anything can happen while your client is waiting for that email, one of them even being a promotion offer from your competitor. Do not force customers to make an account simply so they can make a purchase.

Coupons that makes a shopper price-sensitive

Your online shopper just paid full price for an item then runs into a coupon field that had the same item at a discount price. Solve this problem by doing your best to de-emphasize the coupon code field that keeps popping on the payment screen. This way, you will not make them feel crappy for making the purchase.

Having payment options that are restrictive

Online shoppers are sure to get irritated when they get asked to pay an additional fee for using their credit cards to make a purchase. Accepting multiple payment types while being transparent about those you do not accept will help solve this problem.


In conclusion, if you are a victim of shopping cart abandonment issues, the best place to start is performing an honest checkout process audit.

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